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Going Bananas:

The Power of Simple Symbols

My performance, "The Banana Communion," pushed the boundaries of traditional art, diving into sociology and psychology. On April 4, 2024, in New York City, I used a simple banana to stand in for me at a brunch, sparking a deep discussion about how we connect and build community in today's urban life. This project made us rethink our rituals, our bonds, our connections, and the spaces we consider sacred.

Sociological Experiment

Basically, a banana went from a piece of fruit to a symbol of deep community connection. I blurred traditional lines—artist and audience, sacred and profane—and invited people to find wonder in everyday things. This act of sharing a banana catalyzed a new kind of spiritual communion, reaching beyond the immediate circle to touch a broader community.

The performance began with a simple yet meaningful gesture: I asked a friend to take a banana to the famous Fidel's Brunch as my proxy. At the brunch, this banana was not just left there; it became the centerpiece of a memorial. From this moment, what started as a planned art piece evolved into a spontaneous movement, drawing everyone present into a shared experience of community and connection.

The Psychological Need for Belonging

As the event unfolded, the banana symbolized unity, connecting people across New York City during NFT 2024 Week. This new ritual celebrated the power of collective experiences and emphasized the importance of creating sacred moments in everyday life.

The Evolution of Cultural Rituals

As more people joined, each banana marked a new chapter in a growing narrative, showing how cultural rituals can evolve and resonate. This project turned into a dynamic network of shared moments, underscoring our deep need for connection.

The influence of "The Banana Communion" extended beyond just one event, demonstrating that meaningful connections and communal spaces aren't confined to traditional settings. Simple actions and objects can be significant in building community and fostering connections.


"The Banana Communion" was a spark to rethink our interactions and deepen our communal bonds. It challenged us to find profound shared experiences in unexpected places afk. Take a banana with you, peel back a moment, and enjoy life.

Chapter 2, Verses 1-5:

1. Verily, he took up the banana, and having given thanks, he brake it, and said, "Behold, partake of this, my gift; for it is the essence of our unity."

2. “He that eateth of this fruit shall find everlasting fellowship; for it is the manna of our gathering.”

3. “As the fruit is peeled and laid bare, so let our souls be unto each other, in openness and truth.”

4. “Blessed be the sharers of the harvest; for their bond is forged in the spirit of communion.”

5. “This offering I present unto you, a covenant of our congregation; eat thereof in memory of our shared purpose.”

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