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Web3 and Me:

My Stack is Built on Community

Community sits at the heart of everything in the creator's economy, a truth that seems to be the opposite of where traditional marketing wants us to start.

My journey, starting on, isn't just about personal achievements or the platforms I use; it’s about forging a path that others might follow or parallel in their own creative pursuits.

At the core of my Web2 presence, my website serves as a hub for my writings and also showcases a broader spectrum of my work, including links to my books available on Amazon and contact portals. However, I am born again by the power of web3 & have been making transitions to re-build my tech stack.

Here is what I've got so far:

My Tools and Platforms

The web3 ecosystem is beginning to evolve with more creator's tools as the superchain gains more users and support. After seeing the power in the rollup, I've leaned heavily on platforms like Farcaster and using Warpcast as my daily tool for interaction, earning, and content sharing. 

Video content, though not my go-to medium, finds its place through, a Web3 alternative to mainstream platforms that resonates with the decentralized ethos of my audience.

I’ve transitioned the blogging portion of my website to, creating a dedicated space for musing about the Web3 landscape and sharing my experiences as they unfold. This move not only broadens my reach but also integrates seamlessly with the ongoing narrative of my digital journey, linking directly from Here, readers can dive deeper into my thoughts and explorations in a format tailored for engagement and reflection.

In parallel, remains my preferred platform for distributing AI-generated art and memes, capitalizing on its minimal fee structure to maximize both reach and revenue. It’s an essential tool in my creator’s toolkit for delivering content directly to an audience that values innovation and creativity. Zora hasn't replaced my main art portfolio that mainly lives on Tezos, but allows me to expand my community through free & fun drops vs the more expensive art works.

To enhance interaction with my most dedicated followers, I’ve launched Hypersub. Priced at about $6 a month, this service is designed for those deeply invested in my work. Hypersub acts as a dynamic hub where subscribers automatically receive all my free Zora drops. It’s also the go-to place for exclusive updates, including links to my latest posts, articles about my initiatives, and insights into other valuable Hypersubs. As we anticipate the rollout of Hypersub V2 by Fabric, I’m excited to introduce tiered subscription levels and expand payment options to include credit cards, further simplifying access and enriching the subscriber experience.

As a digital lounge similar to Clubhouse days and X Spaces, Farhouse & Buttrfly provide a place where communal ideas and insights flourish through direct voice. These platform's town hall ability lets us create deeper connections with the audience beyond memes.

Engagement Through Gaming & Interactive Content

On the playful side, and @farcards tap into the gaming dimension of Web3, transforming Farcaster profiles into interactive experiences that engage and entertain. My initiative, Banana Run, aims to expand this interactive space by incorporating gaming directly into the Farcaster ecosystem with rewards in $degen, blending entertainment with potential earnings. (hopefully L3 )

The Importance of Community Support

Alfafrens and exemplify the micro-communities thriving within the larger ecosystem. These platforms allow for nuanced supporter interactions, enabling me to share exclusive content and engage with my community on a more personal level.

As for utilizing Alfafrens in the tech stack, it allows the private chat room to also be earning platform by allowing collectors to stake and earn $DEGEN alongside each other. Beyond the group earning mechanics though, Alfafrens is where I intend to communicate the first updates and other early updates before the info is broadcasted to the general channels or the public Farcaster /aaron channel.

Exploring Token Gated Access

One of the pieces of this puzzle is connecting these platforms to create a seamless understanding of your brand (or you). As you being to think of ways to gamify your timeline through frames and private, there are ways to use these platforms in tandem.

As an example, you may want to hold a giveaway inside your Farcaster channel for you followers that also HOLDL your farcard playing card or are supporters of your private alfafrens chat. Some of this will be dependent upon how you move through the space, what your community is asking for, and what your value back to the community is. 

There's other tools for direct timeline engagement and even your own frames! I built a simple frame that allows founders/startups to drop their decks into my CRM directly from frame. Other no-code tools are out there to help you run polls and even in-frame giveaways so be creative!

Web3 and Beyond

As I expand my world onchain, it's crucial to reflect on what works and what doesn’t, continually adapting to the evolving digital landscape. My goal isn’t merely to exist in this space but to thrive and provide a roadmap for others who wish to explore the vast potential of Web3 as a solo creator, independent brand, or artist. 

Unified we are based, for it is together that we can push the boundaries of what's possible in the creator's economy.

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